Victoria and Chen, the team behind Love is in the Lens Photography Inc.

We first met as a couple of ten year-olds who happened to be in the same class in fourth grade.  Ten years later, we found each other again, both living in the same country but now on a different continent.  We fell madly in love and have been together ever since.  Love is the driving force behind everything we do.  Our love for each other, our love of photography, the love between the people we photograph, the love of life and of the many joys life brings
all come together in the creation of our art.
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These are the words that come to mind when describing our style.  We cover all our wedding commissions as a team of two photographers in order to create a cinematic, multi-angle storytelling perspective.  Whether we're working with a wedding party or a family welcoming a newborn, we always strive to make the photography experience fun and relaxing so that the emotions and expressions we capture are natural and genuine.

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